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Smog Check in San Jose, CA

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Smog Check: Keeping Your Vehicle Road-Ready

Your vehicle is carrying you safely across the California highway, but is it safe for everybody? This question is for you, your passengers, and your community. The first individuals to be affected by your vehicle’s harmful emissions are you and your family. Prevent harmful toxins from the exhaust system from entering your cabin and from contaminating the environment. Smog Man® Test & Repair in San Jose, CA is the destination that motorist choose when they want to be sure about the quality of their emissions. The Department of Transportation is regulating the quality of our emissions and Smog Man® is providing the smog tests to make sure your vehicle is compliant. Protecting the environment and keeping the air in our community safe to breathe is every vehicle owner’s responsibility. Start here, at Smog Man® Test & Repair for a quick but complete smog test.

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The smog test does not have to wait until your mandatory inspection. Pay attention to your vehicle’s exhaust and schedule a smog test whenever you feel like harmful toxins are coming from your exhaust. This is impossible to self-diagnose so trust your body’s reaction, your instincts, our equipment, and our technicians. Your goal is to keep your community smog free and that’s our goal as well. Your vehicle stays road- and registration-ready by visiting the experts at Smog Man® – Smog Check & Repair. We make the smog test process convenient for our customers with a seamless test and repair process. Give us a call today at 408-999-0699 to schedule your vehicle’s smog test. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now! Next time you’re in the area–646 Auzerais Ave.–feel free to stop by. We gladly accept our walk-in customers!

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Industry’s Most Advanced Technologies – Smog Check

The advantage of visiting Smog Man® Test & Repair is that all of our customers come for passing grade with their smog test. We do more than use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform quick and accurate smog tests. Our technicians will actually fix whatever is causing the smog test failure. Come for the test, leave with the solutions! That’s our promise to every San Jose driver. If your vehicle has not passed its smog test, bring it to us. Our technicians perform a wide variety of repairs and maintenance services for all makes and models. This includes exhaust system repairs that will immediately correct any unsafe vehicle emissions. Combat the smog in your community by making sure your vehicle’s exhaust meets the state standards. Even if doesn’t pass the smog test, it will when you leave our shop!

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Just got my car smog tested here for state registration. Nice and clean waiting room. They actually has an arcade game console on site. Good time while waiting for the test to complete. You can walk in but it is always a good idea to call first. The lady replied nicely and told me how long will I need to wait. It takes less than 20 minutes for me for the whole process (Wednesday afternoon). Be sure to get their online coupon to save some extra bucks. Highly recommended.

At Smog Man® Test & Repair

Smog is a major irritant, and a serious form of air pollution. As a resident of San Jose, you know better than most the toll smog can take on your daily life, from the haze hanging in the air to the lack of visibility on what should be a sunny day.

As a driver in the San Jose area, you also know that the vehicle you drive is a major source of that haze hanging in the air. That is why California has enacted the strictest antipollution laws in the nation, and why your car, truck or SUV is required to pass a smog check.

Smog Check for Your Vehicle

If it is time for your latest smog check, you cannot trust the vehicle you drive to just anyone. You need to find a provider who understands the ins and outs of this government policy, and that is exactly what you will find at Smog Man®.

At Smog Man® – Smog Test and Repair, we have the expertise and the experience needed to not only complete the smog check you need but make recommendations for improvements, so your vehicle can run cleaner and greener – and you can save money on fuel.

The Latest Equipment

At Smog Man®, we use state-of-the-art equipment to test entire emission system, so you can rest assured that our analysis is complete and our findings are accurate. Quality equipment is an essential part of the smog testing process, and the best equipment ensures accurate results.

The California Department of Transportation has established some of the toughest antipollution measures around, and that is good news for area residents. At the same time, it can be bad news for unwary drivers, who may now understand the requirements of the smog test or what it takes to pass it. That is why we work hard to educate our San Jose neighbors, providing the information they need to not only pass the smog test but understand its importance and its implications.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Take a close look at your dashboard – is your check engine light on? If so, your vehicle will not pass its next smog check, and now is the time to get it fixed.

The check engine light is triggered by a fault in your emission system, and that fault would be increasing the amount of pollution coming from your tailpipe and impacting your ability to drive efficiently. When your check engine light comes on, you cannot afford to wait, so bring your vehicle to us for prompt service and the peace of mind you need.